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Ocean Pacific Capital

Commercial Hard Money

Celebrating 47 Years, Since 1977!

Why Choose Ocean Pacific Capital?

With a history of excellence since 1977, Ocean Pacific Capital specializes in providing unique hard money and private money financing solutions for complex commercial real estate transactions. We offer financing for hard money transactions ranging from $1,000,000.00 to $850,000,000.00 Our diverse clientele includes individual business and investment property owners, large corporations, an developers..

When time-sensitive business transactions are critical, you can count on Ocean Pacific's commercial hard money expertise. Our dedication to quality service and unmatched resposiveness enables us to meet tight deadlines for projects requiring immediate funding.

For unconventional projects that traditional lenders have declined, we leverage our expertise to secure hard money financing for you. We consider almost any type of commercial property.

We offer commercial hard money and private money loans for opportunistic, undervalued, or other special situations that are short on time or capital, or fall outside traditional lending guidelines. Our hard money or private money financing programs often serve as bridges to create additional value or set the stage for new financing or potential sales of the disclosed property. At Ocean Pacific, we are commited to crafting the best possible financing solution for your needs.

Beyong hard and private money solutions, Ocean Pacific Capital also provides top-tier traditional financing programs. When you contact us or submit a loan application, we promptly evaluate the most suitable financing option for your situation. Utilizing our direct access to the most aggressive investor sources worldwide, we create a customized financing program tailored to your needs.


  Loan amounts ranging from $1,000,000.00 to $850,000,000.00.
  Private or hard money funds available for quick closings in 14-21 days.
  All property types considered, including raw land.
  Competitive fees and interest rates.
  Financing terms from 6 months to 6 years.
  Avaliable in all 50 states, including New York.

Our flexible guidelines offer you a wide range of financing options, ensuring you get the best rates and terms possible. Call us now at 1(800)595-1474 to start your commercial hard money financing journey. APPLY NOW


Ocean Pacific Capital